Stop leak for stern tube, bow thruster, sta­bi­liz­er, rudder and Ccp.


Ropes tangled in the propeller shaft, lines and fishing nets, sand and other contaminants, inadequate lubrication, air lock in the blade propeller after installation, etc... We have products, solution and knowhow to stop small and large leaks - without docking! 

Oil leak and water ingress:

  • Stern tube
  • Rudder
  • Ccp
  • Stabilizer
  • Bow thruster
  • Any other sub-sea system, we have a right sealing solution.

Merina SLB, SLB C and SLB+ stop leak pastes

Stop oil leak and water ingress in all sub-sea systems

Highly cost-effective oil leakage sealing and water ingress sealing with our top quality stop leak products. Without drydocking!

Thanks to our many years of product development, we can offer you the best-performing products for oil and water leaks in, for example, stern tubes, bow thrusters, CPPs and rudders.

Spouts from tubing occur when they are least expected. By adding 5 - 10% (v / v) to existing oil systems MERINA SLB stop leak paste, leakage can be stopped or minimized. The paste forms a dynamic seal at the point of leakage and revives the old seal.

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How to prevent leakage quickly and in­ex­pen­sive­ly?

Download the free guide.

Learn how to quickly and inexpesively stop a leak in stern tube, bow thruster, stabilizer or rudder.


Stop leak pastes

For stern­tubes, pro­pellers, bow thrusters, rudders, sta­bi­liz­ers, CPPs... all sub-sea systems.

Lip seals:

If the leakage is less than 15 - 20 liters per day, then MERINA SLB is the right product.

When the leakage is more than 20 liters per day. MERINA SLB+ is the right product. It has the same properties as MERINA SLB, but it contains more and different sized particles and stronger elastomers.

Face seals, Cedervall systems:

For face and Cedervall type seals for small and large leakage is MERINA SLB C.  

Container sizes: 1 kg, 3 kg and 10 kg.

Mixing ratio: 5 - 10% of total oil volume. Ask for more when ordering. 

All our products are also available as bio-based products. These products meet EPA VGP requirements.


Merina SLB stop leak paste

A high-end range of features

Seals and protects

SLB seals and protects the system from oil leaks and water ingress. SLB reduce wear and prevent corrosion.


Permanent or temporary leak prevention. The actual maintenance can be scheduled for the planned docking.

Easy to dispense

Dispensing can be done by the crew while on the move.

Increase the life of the seals

Recommended for use already during the installation phase of new seals = Increase the service life of the seals

Customer sat­is­fac­tion over 95%

We can proydly say that our customer satisfaction and the functionality of our products are the best on the market.


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